Thought Leader Interviews: First-person video interviews with industry luminaries discussing issues relevant to customer’s brand.

“Man on the Street” Videos: Fun two-minute compilations of people answering one question. These are one of our most popular products.

End of Show Report: News-style five-minute summary of the event.

Crowd Insights Video: A longer-form “Man on the Street” Video usually intended for internal use that shows what people really think.


Pull-Quote Photo Memes: Still images of people from “Man on the Street” Videos and Thought Leader Interviews post-produced with the individual’s quote, a short link to see the full video, plus company and event branding.

Crowd-tooned: Branded images of event attendees answering questions written on whiteboards that look like cartoon speech bubbles.


Wisdom of the Crowd Article: A large article with 15-20 tips on a specific topic gathered from the collected wisdom of 20+ industry experts.

Expert Honors: An article featuring a list of the top 20 industry influencers prominent in social media. Includes quotes from influencers on a hot topic, plus awards for each influencer.


Customer Journey Modules: Short-form case study, presented across multiple mediums, focused on one problem/solution.

Topic Takeover: A 12- to 16-part series designed to dominate a certain topic.


Business Networking Pickup Lines: NO NAPPING during this workshop where everyone stands up, talks, moves around, and learns how to be a professional business “flirt.”

Comedian-Led Trade Show Training: In-person training to prepare customer’s team for working a booth at a trade show. Process includes staff auditions and building an incentive program to improve performance at the show.

Public Speaking Preparation: Media and speaking engagement coaching, and/or presentation deck design.