Speaking and Training

David Spark regularly presents on trends in technology, marketing, advertising, social media, publishing, and media.
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David Spark on Cranky Geeks“David Spark is one of the best and most reliable guests we ever have on Cranky Geeks. He’s one of the smartest, quick witted people I know.”

    • John C. Dvorak,
      Host of Cranky Geeks

“David Spark has consistently remained one of the most perceptive, engaging and funny guests on the Cranky Geeks tech videocast for years now. He knows the backstory on almost any tech topic, and is gifted at coaxing the best out of other guests on the show.”

    • Sebastian Rupley, Producer and Co-Crank of Cranky Geeks,
      and Editor-in-Chief of GigaOM

On air or at your event

David SparkDavid Spark on KQED has written and appeared in more than 40 media outlets in print, radio, television, and online. Watch him on KQED’s “This Week in Northern California.”

Spark presents mostly on how to build your industry voice online. His most popular presentation is “How to Be an Online Influencer” which is partially based on a successful article he wrote for Mashable.

“When David speaks, people are engaged. David Spark is a charismatic communicator, and an industry thought leader, conveying information in a way that all levels of the business team can embrace. His presentations are on point and are both entertaining and informative, creating a conversation with the audience.”

    • David Lucatch, CEO of Intertainment Media and Itibiti Systems

David Spark on Tech News Today“David Spark spoke at a few our CEO/CXO forums. David is a contagious speaker. He knows his stuff and speaks with passion and intimacy. David has a machine gun, take no prisoners, yet engaging delivery, where his audience holds it’s breath to catch every thought. People flock to him afterward to see how they can use these weapons and bullets for their own universe.”

    • Joseph Shamash, CEO of IVAVI.com

“David is a lively presenter, with an ability to talk about all kinds of things to different kinds of people.  He’s engaging, knowledgeable, and an effective communicator.  He can get the point across, in a limited amount of time.”

    • Robin Epstein, Producer of “This Week in Northern California” on KQED
Your moderator is responsible for a successful panel discussion

David Spark on TWiTHave you produced or sat through one too many painfully dull panel discussions? It’s unfortunately more the norm. Just because you have a great lineup of bright and intelligent panelists, it doesn’t guarantee a great panel discussion. What you need is a great moderator to manage the discussion so it’s valuable and entertaining for your audience. For more, read Spark’s article, More Schmooze, Less Snooze: How to Deliver “The Most Talked About” Conference Session.

“I have invited David to speak on various aspects of Social Media to our local chapter of the American Marketing Association multiple times. He is truly an industry thought leader, is entertaining and insightful, and has an excellent ability to keep the audience engaged throughout. Attendees always walk away with a far better understanding of the topic and buzzing about the quality of the presentation.”

    • Elyse Tager, President of Elymedia,
      and Producer of the Silicon Valley American Marking Association

David Spark“David Spark was engaging and funny and his presentation was full of solid, actionable information. He unwinds the complexity of the online world for novices struggling to understand how to use social media successfully in their businesses.”

    • Barbara Silverman,
      Managing Director, Visual Media Alliance

“We used David to address our staff at the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) on the effective use of social networking in a business environment.  Communication with our members runs the gamut on level of sophistication and yet, to communicate with state and federal officials our staff needs to be up on the latest technology.  David provided that guidance in a humorous but direct manner and has helped move CSAC into the 21st Century. ”

    • Paul McIntosh, Executive Director, CSAC

DavidSpark_Present1“David Spark presented an insightful and idea-generating session to my meeting attendees. Many of them were not familiar with the vast array of media tools that would benefit their associations’ members, and they appreciated Mr. Spark’s expertise. I was told that the discussions that came from his presentation lead to a greater understanding of how social can media can be effectively leveraged by the state associations.”

    • Emily Landsman, State Association Liaison, National Association of Counties

“Dice was happy to get David Spark to speak at our recent tech event. He is an engaging, interesting speaker, and he handled some tough questions during the Q&A portion with ease. He’s great to work with – very reliable. We’d definitely ask him to speak at future events!”

    • Stephanie Benson, Marketing Manager, Dice