quotes_MattHixson“We did not realize the total value we would receive from the work we did with David Spark.  The video content he produced created value beyond our expectations at the event and well beyond.  David is the perfect balance between aggressive and personable that is needed to get this type of work done.”

– Matt Hixson, Social Media Strategist, Tripwire


Quote_JohnDvorak“David Spark is one of the best and most reliable guests we ever have on Cranky Geeks. He’s one of the smartest, quick witted people I know.”

– John C. Dvorak, Host, Cranky Geeks


Quote_SebastianRupley“David Spark has consistently remained one of the most perceptive, engaging and funny guests on the Cranky Geeks tech videocast for years now. He knows the backstory on almost any tech topic, and is gifted at coaxing the best out of other guests on the show.”

– Sebastian Rupley, producer and co-crank of Cranky Geeks,
and editor in chief of GigaOM


Quote_DavidLucatch“When David speaks, people are engaged. David Spark is a charismatic communicator, and an industry thought leader, conveying information in a way that all levels of the business team can embrace. His presentations are on point and are both entertaining and informative, creating a conversation with the audience.”

– David Lucatch, CEO of Intertainment Media and Itibiti Systems


Quote_JosephShamash“David Spark spoke at a few our CEO/CXO forums. David is a contagious speaker. He knows his stuff and speaks with passion and intimacy. David has a machine gun, take no prisoners, yet engaging delivery, where his audience holds it’s breath to catch every thought. People flock to him afterward to see how they can use these weapons and bullets for their own universe.”

– Joseph Shamash, CEO IVAVI.com


Quote_RobinEpstein“David is a lively presenter, with an ability to talk about all kinds of things to different kinds of people.  He’s engaging, knowledgeable, and an effective communicator.  He can get the point across, in a limited amount of time.”

– Robin Epstein, producer of “This Week in Northern California” on KQED


Quote_ElyseTager“I have invited David to speak on various aspects of Social Media to our local chapter of the American Marketing Association multiple times. He is truly an industry thought leader, is entertaining and insightful, and has an excellent ability to keep the audience engaged throughout. Attendees always walk away with a far better understanding of the topic and buzzing about the quality of the presentation.”

– Elyse Tager, President of Elymedia, and
producer of the Silicon Valley American Marking Association


Quote_BarbaraSilverman“David Spark was engaging and funny and his presentation was full of solid, actionable information. He unwinds the complexity of the online world for novices struggling to understand how to use social media successfully in their businesses.”

– Barbara Silverman, Managing Director, Visual Media Alliance


Quote_PaulMcIntosh“We used David to address our staff at the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) on the effective use of social networking in a business environment.  Communication with our members runs the gamut on level of sophistication and yet, to communicate with state and federal officials our staff needs to be up on the latest technology.  David provided that guidance in a humorous but direct manner and has helped move CSAC into the 21st Century.”

– Paul McIntosh, Executive Director, CSAC


Quote_EmilyLandsman“David Spark presented an insightful and idea-generating session to my meeting attendees. Many of them were not familiar with the vast array of media tools that would benefit their associations’ members, and they appreciated Mr. Spark’s expertise. I was told that the discussions that came from his presentation lead to a greater understanding of how social can media can be effectively leveraged by the state associations.”

– Emily Landsman, State Association Liaison, National Association of Counties


Quote_StephanieBenson“Dice was happy to get David Spark to speak at our recent tech event. He is an engaging, interesting speaker, and he handled some tough questions during the Q&A portion with ease. He’s great to work with – very reliable. We’d definitely ask him to speak at future events!”

– Stephanie Benson, Marketing Manager, Dice


Quote_VanDiamandakis“At trade shows, we want recognition and connections. David Spark’s industry connections and non-stop production, increased the value of our presence exponentially. Spark works his tail off for his client, capturing the excitement of the show and our business. Through search and blog traffic his videos and articles resulted in dramatically increased exposure for Riverbed.”

– Van Diamandakis, VP, Corporate Marketing, Riverbed


Quote_DonKnox“Professional, skillful, reliable, sharp-witted, go-getter…these are the words I’d use to describe David Spark. We were highly impressed with David’s ability to dive into our event with minimal upfront direction and upload 20 videos and corresponding blog summaries that captured the essence of ad:tech.”

– Don Knox, Vice President, ad:tech Global


Quote_StacyOConnell“David Spark captured the essence of our Enterprise 2.0 Conference and his coverage generated a lot of buzz on our community site and beyond. David is a guy who truly ‘gets it’ and it comes through in his coverage. The speed with which he creates such interesting and relevant content is impressive. My only worry is that he’ll get so busy he’ll be hard to book!”

– Stacy O’Connell, VP of Marketing, TechWeb


Quote_SteveWylie“David immersed himself in the issues, engaged with the community and did an excellent job capturing the buzz at our recent Enterprise 2.0 Conference.  David took our conference to a new level with an onslaught of insightful blog posts and video interviews that happened in near real-time.”

– Steve Wylie, General Manager, Enterprise 2.0 Conference


Quote_PeteKrainik“David Spark was instrumental in helping create the buzz and informing the CMOs in the CMO Club, the insights and excitement from our CMO CLUB Summit. He not only got to the heart of the issues discussed and reported effectively, he personally committed to the success of our event.  I love his passion, intelligence and delivery as well. A great journalist in this new era of social media.”

– Pete Krainik, Founder, The CMO Club


Quote_SteveHunt“David Spark amazed me and impressed the sponsors of our annual SecurityDreamer event by catching important moments and reflections on video. Nearly all of our sponsors said his videos alone made the sponsorship worthwhile.”

– Steve Hunt, Founder, Hunt Business Intelligence


Quote_DavePatrick“David has a wonderful way of capturing the real essence of the events that he covers. His style of interviewing is particularly engaging. He has a unique and powerful way of inviting, developing and capturing  conversation. He is responsive, professional, unobtrusive and extremely conscientious in his work and work style. David and his team will definitely be on our radar for any of our large scale events. They add a unique and powerful media element  which is important for us to be able to capture and communicate with our client base.”

– David Patrick, CMO of the David Allen Company


Quote_MitchBishop“The iRise user conference was a huge event for us in 2007 and for the first time we were able to capture that excitement online in a new iRise blog thanks to David Spark. He’s an absolute expert on how to get B2B companies successfully engaged in the new media conversation. He’s smart, fun to work with, and works his tail off for his clients. I’ve already recommended David to a bunch of my CMO friends.”

– Mitch Bishop, CMO, iRise


Quote_PatrickCorman“David was invaluable in helping us work through the strategy and associated tactics for developing a first-time blog marketing campaign for a key client. His insights on creating a “blog-aware” culture within the organization, and his responsiveness, were particularly helpful in helping us successfully sell the blog campaign to our client. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

– Patrick Corman, Principal, Corman Communications, LLC


Quote_JulieBlaustein“David Spark is one of the best Networkers that I know. Once you are introduced to him, he will continue introducing to others until you know everyone else in the room. He does this with genuineness, sincerity and with the intentions of helping you. He does this in his professional endeavors too.”

“He provides great advice in his Spark Minute and speaks at events on a number of topics based on years in the Digital Media trenches. David is one of those people who will help your company in whatever capacity you need help with whether it be branding, positioning, promotion or help with an event.”

– Julie Blaustein, Founder, JRB Social Media Consulting


Quote_RobertStarling“Intelligent, innovative, engaging and entertaining, David strikes that perfect balance of an articulate speaker and savvy media professional. His unique ability to encapsulate and convert media options/solutions into direct benefit for his clients is unparalleled.”

– Robert Starling, SOC, Steadicam / Specialty Camera Operator,
Film, TV & Event Production


Quote_JeanneMiller“Marketing via new media channels is very new for the JCF Business Leadership Council. David consistently delivers more than he promises and he makes recommendations to improve cost efficiencies throughout the process. David’s expertise and enthusiasm illustrate his passion for his work. It’s truly a pleasure working with a marketing pro who is honest and straightforward, who delivers results.”

– Jeanne Miller, Director, JCF Business Leadership Council


quote_TJWalkup“David is an absolute joy to work with. He is well informed on all things tech and knows how to bring out the best in people who may have never been on camera. His improvisational writing in the field always proves to be of the greatest value to his clients. His humor and personable methods of directing are essential and effective components of producing new media.”

– Thomas (TJ) Walkup, Director of Photography, Omnific Pictures


Quote_JoshCrandall“Creative, sharp, well-connected, David always has something smart to say. His ability to grasp complex, emerging technology and communicate what it means in simple, clear terms is really impressive. Whenever I’m stuck on a problem, it’s always a help to brainstorm with David.”

– Josh Crandall, Managing Director, Media-Screen LLC


Banner photo by the awesome Ryan McGuire.