“Man on the Street” Videos

Fun two-minute compilations of people answering one question. This is one of our most popular products.


  • Fast-paced networking.
  • Lead generation.
  • Cameraman with customer’s brand on the microphone flag draws attention and photos.
  • Company brand is associated with a positive experience and an entertaining published video.
  • The video, composed of multiple voices and viewpoints at an event, becomes highly shareable and timely content.
  • Sheer volume of people interviewed guarantees a certain level of virality.
  • Video can appear high in search for topic often for years after the video is published.
  • We can amplify the value of the content with production of Pull-Quote Photo Memes, associated tweets, and SlideShare presentation.
  • Welcomed follow-up content for people interviewed in video.
  • Great post-event follow-up asset for email marketing.

Pair this with:


“What Would You Do if You Left Your Mobile Phone at Home for an Entire Day?” – Produced for client Lions Clubs International at their centennial convention.

“The Dumbest Mistakes You Can Make on AWS” – Produced at AWS Summit 2016 for client Speak With A Geek. This video features custom captioning.

“What’s Your Password?” – Produced at RSA security conference for client Tripwire.

“What Still Confuses You About the Cloud?” – Produced at Cisco Live for client Juniper. (100,000+ views)

“When is the Best Time to Start Swearing at Your Customers?” – Produced at the Dreamforce conference for client Get Satisfaction.