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Our Five Most Popular Articles

Hazardous to Your Social Media Health
February 9th, 2014 – Collection of 50 previously condoned behaviors industry experts no longer recommend.
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Hazardous to Your Social Media Health
How to #Trend on Twitter
March 24th, 2011 – A 10-step guide on creating a trending topic on Twitter. Much of the advice is specific to live events.
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More Schmooze, Less Snooze: How to Deliver “The Most Talked About” Conference Session
May 21st, 2007 – Advice for moderators, panelists, and even attendees on how to deliver and participate in a buzzworthy conference session.
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20 Expert Tips on Running a Contest Powered by Social Media
August 10th, 2009 – Looking to run a contest, but you’re worried nobody will participate? Or worse, that something could go wrong? Great tips from experts.
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How to Become One of the Most Respected Companies in Your Industry
June 27th, 2011 – This is a story of how Spark Media Solutions utilized live event reporting to help Tripwire build strong relations with key influencers in the IT security community.
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More Articles from Spark Media Solutions

58 Annoying Communications That Must End
January 8th, 2014 – A four year collection of our most popular communication annoyances. Download, read, and please be irritated.
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58 Annoying Communications That Must End
14 Successful Techniques for Building Your Industry Voice with Social Media
July 12th, 2009 – Get inspired to capitalize on social media for your business with these successful tales of building industry voice.
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How to Get Recognized at Your Next Conference
February 8th, 2009 – Don’t just attend or sponsor an event, report on it, from your voice. You’ll get a lot more value, attention, and connections.
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REPORT: Real-Time Search and Discovery of the Social Web
December 7th, 2009 – Gives an overview of the real-time search market, competitors, and offers some forecasting to future business models.
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“Be the Voice” – Build Your Business by Becoming your Industry’s Thought Leader
February 20th, 2008 – Explains why developing thought leadership is critical to growing your business. Learn how to develop lots of content cost efficiently.
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How to “Web 2.0-Enable” your Live Event
November 18th, 2007 – Amplify the value of your event with social media tools to improve physical logistics, information distribution, and face-to-face conversations.
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How PR Professionals Can Participate in New Media
May 21st, 2007 – Covers issues such as “Who are the top influencers in your space,” “Know WHEN people are talking about you and your clients,” and “Dealing with bad publicity online.”
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The 12 Principles of New Media
February 27th, 2007 – Issues you need to take into consideration when running a new media campaign.
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